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Film Development & Scanning

From development to scanning our lab partner @gulfphotoplus is ready to take care of your C-41/Color film needs! We are the fastest, most reliable C41 lab in the UAE, delivering your scans within 3 working days once reached in our lab in the UAE.
Please note at the moment this service does NOT include female only scanning option. Please contact @gulfphotoplus directly if you require this service.
Fill the form below, and let's get started.

How it works:

1) Add the amount of FLICK cameras you would like to develop
2) A representative from SHIPA or DHL will contact you to arrange for pick up of the cameras.
3) Cameras will be sent to our development partner to be developed and scanned.
4) Once scanned, the images will then be sent to your email via Google Drive. This is a secure method that ensures ONLY your email address can access the files.
5) For prints, please place an order here, after receiving your digital scans. 6) If you'd like to keep your negatives, please contact our lab partner here to schedule a pickup or delivery.


AED65 per camera development & scanning - 10mb JPEG files - Archival quality sleeving
AED26.5 for pickup anywhere in the UAE AED105 for pickup in Saudi, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait